Utter Journal 005

Utter Journal 005


What is the object? Immeasurable principle or material presence? The scale of object as subject is vast, far too big to catalogue in this publication. Defined as ‘a material thing that can be seen or touched’, necessitates some sort of umbrella in order to corral a level of reasoning.


The few items I’ve brought together for Utter Journal 5 are still with me, were all made in Europe [apart from the typewriter], still in full working order [apart from the typewriter], reference a predigital age and have all been superceded by the mobile phone. These objects themselves haven’t been around for long so, in the cavalcade of technological evolution, it will be interesting to witness the terrain in sixty years time.


40 pages, full colour, 165mmx225mm, saddle stitch binding, printed on Elements Fire paper.