• Mark Cator

Cornucopia, the 57th Issue

Two exhibitions in one month and I'm behind in keeping infront. Cornucopia's 57th Issue is now out and carries an article of a ride I took accross ancient Phrygia in Turkey's Anatolian region in 2016.

Published twice a year, Cornucopia is the magazine for connoisseurs of Turkey. This truly remarkable publication is an ever-growing compendium of all things Turkish: history, culture, art, food, travel. The arbiter of taste Tyler Brûlé has described Cornucopia in the Financial Times as ‘a cross between The World of Interiors and National Geographic, with a gentle Turkic twist’. The New York Review of Magazines writes: ‘It’s a truism that the measure of a travel magazine’s success is whether it makes you yearn to visit the destinations it depicts. Cornucopia goes one better. It is a vacation in itself.’

Mark Cator, 2018, Turkey, Yarrikaya, in the foothills of the Sultan Mountains,

Mark Cator, 2018, Turkey, Kuthaya

Mark Cator, 2018, Turkey, Aizanoi, the ruined Roman Theatre