Utter Journal is a new photographic zine, launched in spring 2019. The Journal is aimed at all practitioners who have a love of photography. It's not a magazine for photographers or about photographers, it's for anyone who sees with photographs and is willing to navigate the intricate pathways of narrative composition. They are photographic sketchbooks, and I will be publishing three issues a year in April, July and November.


Issue 1 focuses on the ancient town of Great Yarmouth and the nineteenth century photographer, P.H.Emerson.

Issue 2 had a bumpy genesis, resulting in a heavily rescripted version, down from the original 132 pages to 20 pages. In the end it became more of a statement about the levels of societal censorship than the subject of childhood itself. Issue 3 takes a slant look at war, through a collection of messaging data. Issue 4 is about the space and place called garden.

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