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 The photography workshops will be aimed at a narrative discipline to photography that is both progressive and understanding of innovation and experimentation. In the ever increasing volume and noise of images it is important to acknowledge what it is we are looking for and what value is our own unique view on the world.


Photography's strength is the ability to record and ours is a constant process of observing what has been recorded. It's an endless mechanism of cropping, editing, collating, typography and design in order to create the perfect narrative synergy. The physical taking of an image is relatively simple, seeing what sits within that image requires careful analysis. As with the ordering of words in a sentence, or sentences on a page, photographs have to be arranged within a pattern to create meaning.

The course will take in both contemporary and past practitioners of photography, discuss application and approach to post production editing, archiving and collating, and take each participant from the concept of an idea through to the completion of an artist's book. It is crucial to point out that this course is not about how to take a photograph, it is about the photograph taken. It is open to all individuals [18 and over] who wish to utilise the language of photography as a means of self expression. The studio is on the top floor and there is no wheelchair access. 

"What else, I should like to know, have art and artists ever done except to perceive the individual thing, isolate the object out of the welter of phenomena, elevate it, intensify it, inspire it and give it meaning" - Thomas Mann, 'The Magic Mountain'​


Hendee House, Battery Road, Great Yarmouth, NR30 3NN, UK



Due to coronavirus all workshops have been cancelled until 2021.



£250 per person (£25 cancellation charge)


Group Size 

 Maximum 9



2 days from Friday 4pm to Sunday 4pm

Where to stay 

Hotels of all price ranges can be suggested on request.


What to bring

Camera, laptop computer [software programs Lightroom, Photoshop and In Design are useful but not essential] notebook, pen & pencil, plus a selection of your own photographic work both as original prints and on digital files. A hand out will be distributed to all participants one month before course commences.

Course Breakdown

Each course will run from 4pm on a Friday to 4pm on a Sunday. A light snack at 9am and  lunches will be provided on Saturday & Sunday and tea and coffee will be provided throughout the days. Participants who have dietary requirements must let us know in advance. There is ample parking on site. All of the course will take place in the studio.

Friday afternoon/evening will be a get to know, drinks & snacks, introduction to the course lecturers & technicians, distribution of course info & hand outs, followed by a 45 min lecture. End of day at 7pm. Dinner is not provided by the course.

Saturday will begin at 9am [coffee & croissant], followed by lecture, joint appraisal of work, hands on practical instruction with the workings of Lightroom, Photoshop & In Design, lunch and in the afternoon the development of individual narrative books. End of day 6pm.

Sunday will begin at 9am [coffee & croissant], lecture on book making & bookbinding, lecture on word & image, individual practical book making, lunch and in the afternoon completion of the narrative photographic book.


If you have any questions regarding the courses feel free to make an enquiry below

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