The Ranworth Antiphoner

When I was growing up in the village I never heard much talk about this ancient manuscript. It was kept on a shelf in the priest's room and I remember being shown a photograph of the vicar rescuing this huge book from a fire in the church back in the 1960's. Today it is on permanent display in the church providing a fabulous example of visual story telling. It wasn't until the present vicar asked me to photograph the illuminations that I fully realised the remarkable use of line to express character. ​ Written in Medieval Latin, it contains psalms, hymns, and antiphons (responsory sentences) set to plain song for the 7 daily services sung by clerks in parish churches throughout the year. T

Choosing a Christmas Card for 2018

Christmas cards have arrived and now my inability to make a decision for my own card has been compounded by Winter Solstice closing in. From the recently arrived post I search out my favoured Madonna and Child's, the nativity scenes are still there, the jokey style has all but disappeared, Father Christmas ranges from the sentimental Victorian to more recent incarnations and the snow-scenes gather, with the cherished robin red-breast breasting all competition for the number one slot albeit the donkey is in the running. I trawl my own snow-scenes, which have nothing to do with the above, and settle for Halvergate Marshes and Mongolia .... Be wild and be happy and have a fabulous Christmas! Ma

From Poland to Romania

Christmas cards are always a dilemma for me. Instinctively I'm drawn to the Renaissance imagery of the Madonna and Child, Bartolomeo Montagna, Giovani Bellini. The nativity scenes I find kitsch, heavily sentimental, sanitised and at cross purposes to the biblical portrayal of a down at heel family finding refuge in the inn. I do like the crib scene but as an installation in my home, where an element of reality can be added, the personal touch. Okay, so I end up with the same animals peering in at the baby Jesus and Mary with Joseph, the three kings and the shepherds peering in as I peer in on them. As for my own marking, or making, of the Christmas card it's been way short of consistent. I s

Final week of Tidman, Emerson & Cator

Had an amazing Private View on Saturday for The Great Yarmouth Project. Fantastic feedback and just really good to see everyone! Also took the opportunity to do a 'soft launch' of Utter Journal with my neice heading up the sales team ... the copies flew! I was going to take some photos of the event but never made it to my camera ... I made it to a bottle of beer instead. You'll have to settle for some installation shots from my phone taken earlier. [Exhibition ends on Saturday 8th December at 4.30pm] Mark Cator, Great Yarmouth, 2018 Installation shots of The Great Yarmouth Project, Nov 21 - Dec 8