Launch of Utter Journal 001 Spring 2019

Utter Journal sets out from a small beginning in Great yarmouth, a town made famous in photographic circles through the work of the pioneering 19th century practitioner Peter Henry Emerson. Utter Journal will endeavour to establish a confidence in photography based around a deeper knowledge of its architecture as a language, looking at its musicality, typography and text, and the art of sequencing the elements of form to transcend the collective amalgam into a deeply personal experience. It is aimed at all practitioners who have a love of photography. It's not a publication for photographers or about photographers, it's for anyone who sees with photographs and is willing to navigate the intr

The Great Yarmouth Project is up!

... and running until Saturday 8th December. Bruer and I hung the last pictures late last night. As always when putting up a show it's as much about the bulk of work that never sees the light of day. I was asked as to how many photographs I was displaying and I was able to reply that whatever the number is displayed 99% never makes it on to the walls. I made 3,000 contact prints ... I'll leave the calculations to you!

Remembering War

I was working all day Sunday but went up to our church very early in the morning to place under the west arch a 'memorial' to the men from Ranworth village who went off to fight in the First World War. These surviving photographs were found in the church vestry. Later, I listened to the National Service of Remembrance at the Cenotaph on the radio at 11am. It is the most powerful sound, two minutes of radio silence. St.Helen's Church Ranworth, November 11th, 2018

Inside The UtterBooks studio

I can hardly say this is a guided tour and anyhow there's not a huge amount to tour, but with UtterBooks now in its six month at Hendee House on Battery Road someone suggested a peek inside. Since kicking off in April of this year, with a launch on a day cold enough to freeze the water in the puddles outside as if from one of Maggi Hamblings sea paintings, we have mounted three exhibitions and later this month launch Issue One of the Utter Journal. There's no doubt that the building steals the show. Brick built in 1908 it remains one of the many that were the backbone to the fishing industry which in its heyday brought much wealth to the town. The fishing industry has moved on but the legacy

The Great Yarmouth Project .... and launch of Utter Journal, Issue One

The final edit is finalised! 132 pages of photographs, paintings and text taken from The Great Yarmouth Project and combined with Peter Henry Emerson's celebrated work, Wild Life on a Tidal Water, published in 1890. The 'soft' launch of Utter Journal and exhibition private view for The Great Yarmouth Project will take place on Saturday 1st December at the Great Yarmouth Library. [Notification to follow in the next blog]. “The Great Yarmouth Project has been an eighteen month collaboration between painter Bruer Tidman and photographer Mark Cator, local artists operating out of a coastal town that effortlessly combines art, industry, entertainment and a thousand year history, and all built on