Great Yarmouth Air Show & Cuba 1991

Visitors to Cuba 1991 exhibition fell a little short of the 175,000 who headed along the Acle Straight to watch First & Second World War fighter planes, the Red Arrows and the first ever Great Yarmouth Air Show. From the UtterBooks studio it seemed as if the fly pasts had been staged solely for our enjoyment and as as the day wore on there was nothing to be done but for art to make way for aviation! It was a fantastic spectacle. Mark Cator, 2018, The Great Yarmouth Air Show from the UtterBooks studio. Mark Cator, 2018, The Great Yarmouth Air Show from the UtterBooks studio Mark Cator, 2018, The Great Yarmouth Air Show from the UtterBooks studio. Mark Cator, 2018, The Great Yarmouth Air Show

Rescription - For Our Love Of War

"I went to understand war, its terrifying simplicity was so bright it burnt my eyes. I went to collect war, gathering up an afterbirth. The child is my best start point. I look at this process, my collect of war, my war collection, and the child is written everywhere, naive, and its my ghastly disconnected desire to be part of the action, to perform. And so the language of war begins, with this child ... once upon a war." - Mark Cator. I've been working with a good friend, Bridget Heriz, sculptor and painter and since 2001 she has been keeping her own personal 'war diaries', her own response as an artist to conflict. With this exhibition, Rescription, we decided to collaborate, bringing toge

Herzog, Cohen, Eggleston, Shore

There's a natural, uncluttered curiousity these photographers have to both colour and photography. Which has the greater draw in a photograph, the colour or the content. For me, colour is what soundtrack is to cinema, it's this emotional marker. Mark Rothko and Josef Albers made that a certainty in their paintings. Fred Herzog, Mark Cohen, William Egglestone and Stephen Shore made it a certainty in their photographs. Fred Herzog, Man with bandage, 1968 Fred Herzog, CN Bridge, Main, 1966 Mark Cohen, Girl holding blackberries Mark Cohen, Woman with red lips smoking William Eggleston, untitled, 1965 William Eggleston, untitled, Sumner, Mississippi, 1970 Stephen Shore, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1974 Ste

The Monsters Gather

I met up with Bridget Heriz last week at her studio in Great Yarmouth to discuss our upcoming exhibition on July 8th. Bridget has just completed two haunting and powerful balsa wood sculptures based on her series of paintings, 'The Monsters Gather', and this was the perfect opportunity to focus on a title for the exhibition itself. Our combined bodies of war work cover huge areas of discussion and out in the public domain war is a deeply emotional and divisive subject. Bridget Heriz & Mark Cator, draft exhibition invitation. 2018 Bridget Heriz & Mark Cator, draft exhibition invitation, 2018